Up-Goer Five Anarchism

Are you familiar with Up-goer Five? No? That's OK. That's what links are for. Up-goer Five is a way of expressing yourself using only the 1000 most common words in the english language. It is extremely difficult and frustrating. It is much more limiting than one might think.
However, there is a tool that can help you. The Up-goer Five Text Editor. You can write anything you want in there and it will help you replace it with simpler and more common words by highlighting the words in your text that are not in the 1000 most common english words. Go, have fun. But before you do, here is my fun. It's a short description of anarchism (against-power in the text) using up-goer five language.

Against-power is a way of thinking, acting and living which holds the state to be not wanted, not needed and bad. It is against power or control in human relationships. Friends of against-power back the idea of large groups of people without state held up by free relationships. 

As a quiet and not wrong-headed way of thinking, acting and living, against-power draws on many lines of thought and acting. Against-power does not offer a fixed body of positions from a single way of seeing the world, instead changing and moving as a way of thinking, acting and living. There are many types and groups of against-power, not all of which are different. 

 Against-power schools of thought can be so different, holding as important anything from being very alone to everyone being part of a group. Some friends of against-power don't like any form of fighting, while others hold as needed the use of some fighting, along with angry change and talking of the acting, on the way to an against-power world.

Memes and the Greek Far Right

Do not misunderstand me. I will be talking about nazis. I do not use the term "far right" out of embarrassment. I only use it to refer to a group that includes but is not limited to the obvious, unevolved skinhead.
In greece there is a rather wide spectrum of douchebags. By douchebags I mean right wing scumfucks. Let us find out more about them and their recent weird relationship to internet memes.

I will start randomly and move in no particular order. First there is LAOS (Laikos Orthodoxos Synagermos which can be loosely translated as Popular Orthodox Alarm and yes it is as stupid as it sounds). They are a populist fascist party. They do not present themselves as full blown nazis mainly because that would not serve their purpose but rest assured they are about as fascist as you can get without shaving your head and tattooing a huge swastika on it. Recently, I read this article in one of the greek blogs I enjoy. It showed this:
It is a sticker on a non-descript surface by the youth branch of the party. It features Success Kid with its shirt in a different colour to match the party's. I wont bother translating the shit they say because it is fascist propaganda but notice the "muslim mob" at the back. That should convince everyone what they are about. I will not comment yet. There is more.

Next there is Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy), a neoliberal conservative party with a much longer history than the rest of the scumfucks presented here. However, I am semi-cheating here. The fuckwit I will be presenting has only recently moved to this party from the one mentioned above. Rest assured though he is a fascist piece of shit just like the rest of them. He also proves that the two parties, even though presented differently, cater to the same idiots. Without further ado:

Yah! It is Islamic Rage Boy. As you can imagine he says and believes shitty things about immigrants and I wont soil this place with it. Total fucking shitstain. I will not comment yet. But here are some close ups of him:

And another one:

And yet another one:

These are not momentary derps by the way. That's how he looks (and thinks) all the time.

And then there are my favourites. Chrysi Avgi or Golden Dawn. They are about as nazi as can fit in a shitbag. And then a little more. They are thick, ugly, unevolved and pretty much fucking evil. They deserve to die horribly in a fire and hopefully they will. But hark! Do I hear the sound of fucking nazis being dumb as shit? Why yes! Yes I do. First, people mistakenly thought that this meme was an actual member of this neonazi party:

Which is understandable because they actually look like this. No, they really do. OK fine, here you go:

See? I told you. Nazis are idiots and they look it.
And then this happens:

Ring a bell? I swear to fuck. They are not even trying to avoid ridicule. That's another nazi in the nazi party by the way. Notice the detail behind him. It is a nazi grenade, may it be live and explode in his face.

So now it is time to comment. There is an underlying theme here and it is not conservative stupidity. That is self-evident. I mean look at them. Do I have to try and prove that they are morons? They are also pretty obviously ugly but not in an aesthetic way. More in an unevolved kind of way. The same way that most of us would find pond scum unattractive.

No. The underlying theme here is that these people are as absurd and idiotic and detachedly funny as some of the most successful memes on the internet. This is so true that nobody is actually trying to do this to them. They are doing it all by themselves. Accidentally. They cannot hide the stupid.

Prozac People

I'm sick and tired of you. Yeah, you. The one that feels the need to maintain equal distances from everything. The one that is absolutely certain they are the voice of reason. All of you. I'm tired of your smug superiority and the obvious conviction that you are somehow more educated, more knowledgeable than me, than us.

No, I don't care that I sound fanatical to you. Why would I, since you so obviously confuse fanaticism with passion/pathos. I care a little that you call me stupid, or ignorant, but not because I value your opinion, no. I care because it is frustrating to be called that by idiots.

I can't, in good conscience, suffer you anymore. Your opinion is no longer a valid one. It is not informed and as such is not important. I know that if it were up to you, the world would be a flatness with no end in sight. You would playfully joke about political correctness while meticulously upholding it, all the while using it as a mantle for your various inequities.

I know that if I let you have your way, there would be no ups or downs. If we let you have your way, we would have to suffer not only you but the endless violences of our daily lives. It would be miseries all the way down and you would make us feel guilty about the way we felt, thought, talked and acted. Really, I know that if you could, you would probably medicate us.

So, I suppose this is my very roundabout way of saying, fuck you rationalists. You can suck my hairy irrational ass.


Kukeri is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with costumed men performing the ritual. The costumes cover most of the body and include decorated wooden masks of animals (sometimes double-faced) and large bells attached to the belt. Around New Year and before Lent, the kukeri walk and dance through the village to scare evil spirits away with the costumes and the sound of the bells, as well as to provide a good harvest, health, and happiness to the village during the year. 

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Some call me Hermes

Thomas Gandharas, also known as "the Black Bandit", came from Akri Elassonas, became an outlaw in July 1918, was a partner of Georgios Velonis and having deserted the army, was planning to kill a landowner who had raped his wife.
A little later, Gandharas and Velonis were caught and on July 21st 1919 the court martial of Larissa sentenced them to 14 years imprisonment. On November 21st 1921 Thomas Gandharas escaped from the prison of Larissa and a year later a bounty was given for his head. Thomas Gandharas had a brother who was also a bandit, Georgios Gandharas, who was killed in February 1920 in Koumaria Elassonas, in a conflict with a pursuit squad. With him, the Bandit Manatsas was also lost.

One night, the outlaw Gandharas wore his foustanela (greek kilt) and his silver tsaprazia (greek male jewelery) and went secretly to the home of the famous photographer from Trikala, Athanasios Manthos. He descended quietly from the roof, came in and woke Manthos to come photograph him with his bandit gang, because he understood that their end was near.

Thomas Gandharas was killed on August 5th 1923. He was killed in Oxia of Deskati Grevenon, near Mavreli, by the mavrelite hunter Georgios Siakavaras, who participated in the pursuit squad that hunted him. Gandharas' head was cut, was transferred to Gerakari and then exposed to public view in Kalambaka on August 6th 1923, as an example to all.

Thomas Gandharas left a son and two daughters, Eleni and Vasiliki. He had time to give Eleni, as an infant, to be guarded by the mayor of Kalambaka, Rammides. The two women met for the first time in 1998.

Vagina Dentata

Rape has been violating women since the dawn of humanity. Even before that, evolutionarily. Our Great Ape relations – chimpanzees and gorillas – are rapists, and approximately 50% of orangutans are the result of rape. Gang rape, war rape, prison rape, date rape, serial rape, spousal rape, incestuous rape... hundreds of millions of females have been terrified, humiliated, injured and scarred.
Rape has to be halted, but how? Is there a transhumanist remedy? A technological solution?

The “Rape Capital of the World” is currently South Africa, with a University of South Africa study estimating 2,777 rapes per day, for a total of 1 million a year. The South African Law Commission asserts the figure is considerably higher: 1.69 million per year. Journalist, rape survivor, and anti-rape activist Charlene Smith claims that a South African woman is raped every 26 seconds; 40% of the victims are children, and 65% are gang-raped, aka “jackrolled.” Human Rights Watch reports that 28% of South African males has admitted to sexual assault, in this nation where 16.9% of the adult population is HIV/AIDS infected.

To combat this atrocity, the citizenry invented two retaliatory devices. A “killer tampon“, developed by 72-year-old Jaap Haumann in 2000, sports a guillotine blade attached to a hollow cylinder that, if sprung, decapitates any intruding penile head. Haumann estimated that 1 million women would arm their crotches with his contraption, but he was ridiculed in the media and sales never materialized.

“Rape-aXe” was next. Unveiled in 2005 by medical technician Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, this simple latex sheath transforms the female orifice into a shark-like vagina dentata. 25 razor sharp barbs, facing inward, serve as a “rape trap” that painfully hooks the penetrator. The snared assailant, claims Dr. Ehlers, “cannot pee or walk when it is on, and if he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter.” The vengeful fangs can only be
removed surgically, a procedure that would alert police and imprison the rapist.

Taken from ANARCHO-TRANSHUMAN: A Journal of Radical Possibility & Striving

Rat King

"Rat kings are phenomena said to arise when a number of rats become intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, excrement or simply knotted. The animals reputedly grow together while joined at the tails. The numbers of rats that are joined together can vary, but naturally rat kings formed from a larger number of rats are rarer. The phenomenon is particularly associated with Germany, where the majority of instances have been reported. Historically, there are various superstitions surrounding rat kings, and they were often seen as an extremely bad omen, particularly associated with plagues."

La Fábrica de Muñecas

A kiln in an abandoned doll factory. Creepy dismembered dolls after the leap of faith (and in spanish here).