Up-Goer Five Anarchism

Are you familiar with Up-goer Five? No? That's OK. That's what links are for. Up-goer Five is a way of expressing yourself using only the 1000 most common words in the english language. It is extremely difficult and frustrating. It is much more limiting than one might think.
However, there is a tool that can help you. The Up-goer Five Text Editor. You can write anything you want in there and it will help you replace it with simpler and more common words by highlighting the words in your text that are not in the 1000 most common english words. Go, have fun. But before you do, here is my fun. It's a short description of anarchism (against-power in the text) using up-goer five language.

Against-power is a way of thinking, acting and living which holds the state to be not wanted, not needed and bad. It is against power or control in human relationships. Friends of against-power back the idea of large groups of people without state held up by free relationships. 

As a quiet and not wrong-headed way of thinking, acting and living, against-power draws on many lines of thought and acting. Against-power does not offer a fixed body of positions from a single way of seeing the world, instead changing and moving as a way of thinking, acting and living. There are many types and groups of against-power, not all of which are different. 

 Against-power schools of thought can be so different, holding as important anything from being very alone to everyone being part of a group. Some friends of against-power don't like any form of fighting, while others hold as needed the use of some fighting, along with angry change and talking of the acting, on the way to an against-power world.

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